Knowledge, R&D, Support, & Promotion to the AIDC Industry


Auto-Id Support supports and serves AIDC manufacturing companies and standardization organizations.

1. Building the largest database directory of regional auto-id companies and related software developing companies.

2. Limited research and development and feedback in logistics and auto-id industry processes and standards.

3. Product testing, and evaluating newly designed products.

4. Websites and literature translations into Arabic for brands willing to enter the region.

5. Consultation services to auto-id suppliers about regional activities and potential marketing of their products.

6. Promotion of the auto-id products and brands though email broadcasting and specialized news websites.

7. System integration services of linking suppliers hardware to regional software vendors, thus assisting new resellers to take off.

8. Arabization of auto-id hardware and software.

9. Providing feedback and support to industry organizations, mainly AIM Global, the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility.

10- Building terminology database for Arabic language.

11- Other future services under development to be disclosed when ready